Friday, September 26, 2008

Evidence of God's Faithfulness

"Blessed are the Pure at Heart; for they shall see God" - Matthew 5:8

Today got off to a rough start. I was just not satisfied with anything; everything that could frustrate me did. Needless to say my attitude was not very Christ like this morning. However, my Faithful Lord blessed me this afternoon/evening even in my sinful nature with the recognition of the "Pure at Heart".

As, I consider why God has brought me to Dallas, TX - I am gradually seeing His answers to my prayers. I longed for closeness with my extended Family and God is connecting Courtney and I in beautiful ways. I can not tell you how grateful I am for her open house and for her vulnerability with me. God is sanctifying us and we share our struggles and seek to grow in our walks with Christ. It amazes how we are in such different seasons and points in ours lives, but seamlessly at the same place in what we desire. Okay maybe right now here focus is a little bit more about husband and kids (but that's what I long to have as a focus). Yet, in the beautiful differences we are gaining an appreciation for God's very unique plan.

God has blessed me with so much "Rest" and "Peace", it's out of control. While, I was still in Louisville with my old position - I was stressed out - over worked, never rested, and way too busy. I was always going and I know several people who could attest to that, and I loved staying up late chatting with my wonderful roommate. I am truly enjoying driving from customer to customer and enjoying the beautiful sunshine (my job has no stress, or maybe I have a new perspective not being in an office anymore). And well my social calendar as decreased increasingly at the moment, but I am hoping that will build a little more.

But, what my heart was reminded of today was "Blessed are the Pure of Heart". As I spent time sweet the precious Love children today, it reminded me of the innocence of children and the carefree spirit. Yes, every child has their moment. Really why don't we as adults - take time to be Pure in Heart and Carefree. I will expand on this more later, I am off to Bed.

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