Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Why... are we surprised when the Lord answers our prayers and once again proves that HE is the FAITHFUL GOD he said He is?

I have been thinking about that question for several days now as Kathryn shares examples of how God has been faithful to her in Dallas, as I praise the Lord for His faithfulness to me during these first few months of marriage, and even as I mediate on the countless examples in the bible that reveals Gods faithfulness. But still when God continues to remain faithful to me, even during my doubt and my impatience, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness and "surprised!" I even say to myself, "Wow God is Faithful, He does hear my prayers." As if He has not done so before...But I knew that before my prayer was answered, it is revealed in scripture: "The Lord has heard my cry for help; the Lord WILL answer my prayer." Psalm 6: 9.

So I sit here and chuckle to myself of all the times when I, once again, could not believe that God was Faithful. How silly of me. Have you all ever experienced this, or am I just crazy??? I guess I am surprised when God continues to remain faithful to me, because I am ME... a sinner, someone who constantly turns my back on God and is unfaithful! However, because of God's grace and mercy HE FORGIVES ME, still LOVES ME just the same, and WILL ALWAYS BE FAITHFUL!!! This just blows me away, I pray it will humble you and put you back where you belong, at the feet of our mericful Jesus!

I will end this post with some scriptures and prayers put together by Beth Moore:

"Merciful God, thank You for opening my eyes and turning them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that I may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in You. (Acts 26:18)

"O, God, how I thank You that a lack of faith will never nullify Your faithfulness. (Romans 3:3) IF I am faithless, YOU WILL REMAIN FAITHFUL, for You cannot disown Yourself. (2 Timothy 2: 13)

Sisters, be encouraged today by the faithful God that we serve. May he remind you today to trust in him during whatever season of life you are in... I promise he will answer your prayer and will remain faithful, and when he does just smile and do not be surprised because that is just who our God is!!!!

Much love...

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